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Monday, July 31, 2017

A Prayer For Those Who've Lost A Loved One

Today, please think about the fragility of life. Pray for the comfort of those who are hurting over the loss of it. Two people (at least) lost someone dear to them in the past 24 hours. Please agree with me (Matthew 18:19-20) by saying amen at the end of this prayer:

Father in Heaven, please comfort those who have lost loved ones and keep them from being overcome with grief. Bless them in a way that not only brings them comfort but also helps them comfort other loved ones experiencing the loss.
Show them Your love in a special way that they know comes from you and take this tragedy and use it to draw them closer to you. Thank you Father. Your love and mercy endures forever. In the name of Jesus this is prayed. Amen.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

...Jakob Is A Bad... (*OR*- Shut Yo Mouf)

In Genesis, God gives Uncle Laban specific instructions.

He obviously doesn't follow instructions very well.
What should we make of this (short read) passage?
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I will be making an update ex post facto. Comments will be taken into consideration.
-Be well. #SMGL